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C. H. Fairfax Company, Inc.- A magazine and book publishing company specializing in emerging authors

"There are many people in the world who deserve to be published and can't get published. I am trying to change that. No matter where you live, no matter what your circumstances, if you are a writer or poet, if you have a desire to get published, then my publishing company, my labor of love, will try to help you reach your goal. We cannot help everyone, but we will try to help many people see their short novels, poems, and short stories published. My company is small, respected, and struggling to make a difference. I do not discriminate in my executive and editorial decisions with regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or ethnicity. It is an honor and privilege for me to help continue the world's great literary traditions. Won't you help by joining me on my journey?"

-Paul Fairfax Evans, publisher
of C.H. Fairfax Company
and Fairfax magazine

Paul Evans - publisher
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Our content themes include:
adventure, Westerns, romance, historical, sports, school and college days, mystery, war and military, intrigue, children's, fairy tales, religious, science fiction. Photographs and drawings by local and national artists. We specialize in emerging authors

I founded C. H. Fairfax Company, Inc., the book publishing firm, and Fairfax magazine to publish the work of writers and poets who are rejected by, frustrated with, or ignored by the large national and international book and magazine publishers. You, the world's unpublished writers and poets, need an opportunity to see your work published. Despite years of frantic, expensive and even desperate efforts, in many cases, you have not found a way to make your dreams come true.

I can help many more writers and poets through my magazine. I am looking for work that has substance and meaning, work that strives to avoid racial, ethnic, religious and sexual prejudices. This is the reason I started Fairfax magazine and why I place so much emphasis upon it here. Nonetheless, book publishing continues to be an important part of my editorial life.

Do you have fiction manuscripts? Or, have you dreamed of having an excerpt from it published in a magazine?

Send your unpublished fiction and poetry by mail to the address below. Purchase a copy of our first and best-selling issue to see what we have tried to do, from the beginning, for our authors. Our premiere issue is available: for more information click here. We continue to sell by single magazine purchases and not by subscription.

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C. H. Fairfax Company, Inc.
2901 Druid Park Drive
Suite 205
Baltimore, Md. 21215
Phone: 410-728-6421
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Address for correspondence, orders and editorial submissions:

C.H. Fairfax Company, Inc.,
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Baltimore, Maryland 21216

Such A Mighty Page

Only once in a thousand years
Arrives the occasion to proclaim hearty millennium cheers.
Ten extraordinary centuries have come and passed,
Arousing doubts whether civilization will last.
Confiding such fears to the Divine One above
Somberly reminds us we are all one family bound by His love.
As joyous heralds of the dawn of a great new age,
We exult to witness history's turn of such a mighty page.

Happy Millennium!

Paul Fairfax Evans
and C.H. Fairfax Company, Inc.