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Fundamental Approaches in Mastering the Sciences

Fundamental Approaches in Mastering the Sciences: A Comprehensive Guide for Students
by Colliston R. Rose, Ph.D., M.D.

The Path Between

The Path Between: An Historical Novel of the Dickinson Family of Amherst
by Maravene S. Loeschke, Ph.D.

I Am Somebody, I Am Me

I Am Somebody, I Am Me
by Vivian E. Washington

Map Rap

Map Rap: A Fun Way to Learn Geography Through Rap
by Earl Jones

American Apartheid

American Apartheid
by James S. Wright
From Survivin' to Thrivin'

From Survivin' to Thrivin'
by Lucy Thornton -Berry
Madeline Murphy Speaks

Madeline Murphy Speaks
by Madeline Wheeler Murphy

How to Start and Operate a Home-Based Business

How to Start And Operate a Home-Based Business
by Tamera J. Swan

A Framework for Excellence

The Education of Black Children and Youths: A Framework for Excellence

by Dr. Samuel L. Banks

Snapshots from the Life of an African-American Woman

Snapshots from the Life of an African-American Woman
by Dr. Rebecca E. Carroll

From Captivity to Comeback

From Captivity to Comeback: The Long Journey Home
by Sandra Elaine Lemon
The Overcome

The Overcome: A Black Passover
by Rev. Dr. Peter W.D. Bramble

The Seafood Lovers Cookbook

The Seafood Lovers Cookbook
by G. J. Bass


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